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Saturday, May 07, 2011

Alicia Keys On the Cover of Essence Magazine

ESSENCE says this is the most open she’s ever been in an interview, so expect to get the first explanation as to how and why she and Swizzy got together, despite their marital circumstances, and how she’s experiencing magical love with their baby boy. The cover is set to drop June 2011

On love:
“Falling in love is such a force, but this is a whole other level of magic…”
On music, marriage and motherhood:
“I was very closed for a long time. But I feel so open now. To feel open like this means you’ve found the center in yourself. You’re not hiding; you’re not worried about anything. Everything’s going to be just fine.”
On dedicating a song to her mom:
“In the past, I’ve written mostly from my own perspective. But I just wrote a song for my next album that was inspired by a conversation I had with a man who was expressing how indebted he feels to God. He said, ‘I owe God.’ Now, what an interesting thought. And as much as I believe in God, for me that translated into how much I owe my mother for who I am. So I went home and I wrote I Owe You. It’s dedicated to her…” [Source]

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